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What Beth's Clients are Saying:

Dear Beth:

Your proffessional handwriting analysis pertaining to my fathers trust was brilliant! It was the most important key in disputing his will. I thank you again for your quick response and your well executed sworn declaration! When one smells smoke there is fire, but one needs a guide to the flame! You were my guide, bless you Beth!

Ian L Brooks





Process For Submitting Documents

Please Include:

1. All documents in question (alleged to be forged or altered)

2. All known handwriting samples (send as many as possible, these are the comparison documents, see Guidelines for Exemplars)

Note: If you have more than one suspect involved please provide samples of all parties who are believed to be involved.


3. Mail documents: I suggest using USPS Priority Mail, UPS, FedEx

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4. Scan and email document: (if possible scan at 300dpi in color if your documents are in color)

5. Fax documents (This is the least preferred method)







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